A kitchen design by Chiddingfold Kitchens

7 of the Best Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

Thinking of updating your kitchen but not sure where to start? Overwhelmed by the various options available to you? You’re not alone. Kitchen design trends change constantly and it can be hard to keep track of what’s hot and what’s not. However, there’s no need to panic.

From the top colours and finishes of the year to bespoke kitchen storage solutions that are popular right now, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll break down our favourite kitchen design trends for 2022 that show no signs of going anywhere soon. Read on to learn more.

 This year’s trending kitchen design ideas

1.     Shades of green

Emerald Green painted shaker kitchen design

In recent years, navy blue has been a front runner in the kitchen design sphere. However, while it remains a popular choice, green is the colour to watch in 2022. Paint companies like PPG and Sherwin-Williams have listed muted green as their Colour of the Year, highlighting the shade’s versatility and revitalising effects. Meanwhile, Etsy recorded a 60% increase in searches for ‘emerald green décor’ compared to the same time last year. So, whether you prefer subtle sage, forest green or rich jewel tones, you really can’t go wrong with green.

2.     Marble

Shaker Kitchen design with white marble worktops

Part on the ongoing natural materials trend, veined marble is a big hit this year. This natural stone can be white or cream with dark veining or dark grey with white accents. Either way, every piece features its own unique pattern that is guaranteed to add a sense of drama and luxury to your kitchen. But marble isn’t just stylish. As a non-porous material, it’s also stain resistant – ideal for accidental spills! Incorporate it into your kitchen in your worktops, floor, splashbacks or sink. Or, if marble is a bit beyond your budget, try a pale quartz instead.

3.     Integrated storage

A handmade kitchen with integrated storage

Clever storage solutions that make the best use of small spaces are all the rage right now. From integrated appliances hidden behind cabinet doors to drawers big enough to store pans neatly out of sight, the streamlined look is in. The need for more organised, clutter-free kitchens has also resulted in pantries making a huge comeback in 2022. As well as providing a place to store dried goods, floor to ceiling pantries free up other areas and allow for more artistic touches. Keen to install one in your home? Discover our bespoke kitchen pantries.

4.     Two-tone kitchens

Two tone kitchen design

If you’re someone who likes to mix and match your home décor, you’re in luck. In 2022, you don’t have to stick to a single kitchen colour. In fact, two-tone designs are right on trend and there are numerous ways you can go. Opt for classic monochrome, using dark accents to add contrast to bright white cabinets for a premium look. Alternatively, opt for top and bottom cabinets in different shades, or inject a bold splash of colour with a brightly coloured island or feature wall. Prefer softer finishes? Mix varying tones of the same hue for a modern look.

5.     Natural wood finishes

Modern kitchen design with Skandi style natural wood cabinets

With a growing focus on reconnecting with nature and being more eco-friendly, natural wood finishes will be a key feature in kitchens this year. As people shop more sustainably than ever before, unpainted natural woods like oak, ash and pine are increasingly popular for kitchen cabinets. Opt for a light stain to protect the timber’s surface while keeping the natural wood grain visible to add depth to your décor. Handmade kitchens will also be highly sought after in 2022, as the need for quality craftsmanship and long-lasting furniture becomes clear.

6.     Metallic accents

Antique brass door handles on a handmade shaker style kitchen

After bursting onto the kitchen design scene back in 2018, metallic accents are once again back by popular demand this year. This unique trend combines a vintage, homely feel with a contemporary, industrial edge. Warm shades are the most popular, with Google Trends reporting a 90% increase in searches for brass homeware since 2020. Copper is also a firm favourite, and both hues work well with neutral tones and deep green and navy shades alike. Replicate the look by adding metallic handles, taps or pendant lighting to your own kitchen.

7.     Large kitchen islands

Large kitchen island in shaker style by Chiddingfold Kitchens

According to a recent study by Houzz, 20% of US homeowners now use their kitchen island for work. Due to this, nearly two in five islands now measure more than 7 feet in length! And this isn’t just something that we’re seeing in American households. Brits are quickly following suit and switching out their small kitchen islands for larger models. And, where space allows, some are even doubling up on islands. With this approach, you can assign spots for different tasks, such as food prep, work and dining, to better separate work and personal time. Plus, you’ll gain twice as much storage space, making this kitchen trend both stylish and practical.

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